Clinical Research

Many challenges can occur when planning the set-up and design of a study. No matter how complex your clinical supplies problems are, our experienced consulting team has the expertise and background to ensure a smooth supply process.

We spend time getting to know each client, ensuring every step in the clinical supply chain fits their precise needs. From customizing study designs to applying cost-effective methods, we help clients plan and execute projects of all sizes and scopes. Our customer-centric focus can make your trial more efficient, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

By proactively solving potential product packaging, labeling and release process problems and efficiently navigating challenging local import and export regulations, PPSI’s global clinical supply management team helps clients maximize efficiency and ensure on-site delivery of investigational products and supplies.

Clinical Trials

During a clinical trial period, PPSI is able to manage the research conducted with patients to track and maintain all applicable information related to the evaluation of a new medical treatment, drug, or device. Our proven methodologies make it possible to proceed through the process so that the latest scientific and technological advances to patient care can be implemented as quickly as possible.

Whether you require a tailor made service to facilitate transition of your Investigational New Drug (IND) from development to clinical trial site, a storage solution for your supplies or packing, storage and distribution of commercial supplies, PPSI offers a comprehensive service delivering cost-effective solutions for our clients.

In today’s challenging environment, every clinical study is different. Changes occur frequently during project development that requires unique, responsive solutions. With PPSI, you get that flexibility at every step—whether you’re using our preclinical services or going further into the clinical supply chain. You can rely on us for innovative and comprehensive solutions designed to keep your studies moving.